Wein Lagerung

Unkomplizierte und passend klimatisierte Lagerlösungen für Ihre Weine

Many high-quality wines have development potential, which they can only fully exploit after many years and sometimes even decades of appropriate storage. However, it is important to store the wine under ideal conditions so as not to negatively influence it.

We want to help you to find the right storage solution.

Wine collectors have the opportunity to store their wines in ideally air-conditioned and secured warehouses at different European locations and therefor have the best prerequisites for resale or drinking pleasure after the appropriate storage period.

For long-term storage of wine, there are a few requirements to consider that cannot to be implemented in every household:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light

Wines that are permanently stored at room temperature age and mature faster, at higher temperatures the wine begins to develop off-flavors.

Temperatures between 8 and 18 ° C are ideal, but it is particularly important that the wine is exposed to only slight and ideally no temperature fluctuations.

In order not to dry out the corks and at the same time to protect the labels, a good humidity setting is essential and should be between 60 and 80%, according to specialist literature approx. 75% is ideal.

Wine should also be stored horizontally, taking into account that a wine that has been stored for a long time has to be placed upright a few hours before opening so that the depot can collect on the bottom of the bottle. For long-term storage, care should also be taken to ensure that the wine is not subject to any vibrations and little movement. Finally, storage in dark rooms is important because wine ages prematurely due to the influence of UV rays.

Depending on whether you want to make your cellar to a perfect place for long-term storage, are looking for a high-quality wine cabinet or are looking for a supplier who can store the wines for you under ideal conditions, we can put you in touch with our partners. In addition, we offer the option of storing wines purchased from us in an ideally air-conditioned European tax warehouse.

Please contact us for more information about storage options for your wines at LIQUID GRAPE.

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