Wine Investment

The diversification that completes your investment portfolio

Comprehensive wine know-how

Liquid Grape offers the Fine Wine Solution for wine collectors who are looking for an uncomplicated solution for a passion asset in wine by experienced experts.

We have many years of experience in the field of high-quality wines with a profound education in the field of Oenology and Wine Business. Liquid Grape develops individual wine collections which will be stored ns in a bonded warehouse in for wine ideal conditions. and a free portfolio management.

Tailor-made Offers

Our experts put together a carefully selected and promising portfolio for each client individually. The wines are obtained from reputable sources, with the most direct route from the producer as possible and only with reliable provenance. This takes into account the past development of comparable wines and vintages as well as the preference of the customer.

Monitor the wines´ developments

For each customer individual collections are created, and individual bottles are bought in original wooden boxes, which are stored in the name of the respective customer and are exactly to be assigned to him. The customer can follow his portfolio and the development of individual wines on the basis of the Liv-Ex data online in his personal customer area.

Uncomplicated resale

If the wines are to be sold again, LIQUID GRAPE can assist the customer with mediating them to an auction or handle the sale to an international partner. Especially in high-quality gastronomy, the rare wines of mature vintages are increasingly in demand.

As a passion investment, wine offers an exciting diversification that is independent of global financial markets, offers collectors exciting new insights, and shows a quality that improves with age, while supply continues to fall with every bottle opened wine becomes increasingly scarce.

5 Reasons to invest in wine:

  1. High-quality wines are scarce and offer only a limited supply – with each bottle being opened, the world-wide supply of sought-after wines of special vintages is reduced. In addition, the demand for fine wines is increasing worldwide especially in new wine-consuming countries.
  2. Wine as a classic consumer good offers various attractive advantages over traditional investments and can offer tax advantages.
  3. Wine values develop independently of global economics while benefiting from very low volatility.
  4. Our network offers a market of national and international demand for mature fine wines.
  5. Wine as a physical good always retains a basic value and is easy to store and transport due to its format.


In our intro “Fine wines as a stable investment” you will get an overview of the advantages of wine as an investment and we will answer the most important questions. You are welcome to contact usdirectly if you have any further questions.

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    “Investing in Fine Wine Is More Lucrative Than Ever – Once an exotic market, parking your assets inside expensive bottles can yield tremendous profits.”


    The Economist

    LEANNE DAVIS, 2006

    “Of all lucrative investment opportunities, wine is one of the most enjoyable, as these wine quotes from historic connoisseurs go to show.”

    Liv-Ex – Londons International Vintners Exchange

    Liv-Ex – London’s International Vintners Exchange was founded in 2000 by the two stockbrokers Justin Gibbs and James Miles. The Fine Wine trading platform, based in London, started with 10 founding members and aimed to make the Fine Wine market more transparent, efficient and secure.

    Today Liv-Ex offers the largest database in the fine wine business and presents various indices that the entire industry uses as benchmarks. Liv-Ex’s services are available exclusively to the trade and currently counts over 400 members in 36 countries. Liv-Ex’s services are available exclusively to the trade and currently counts over 400 members in 36 countries. LIQUID GRAPE uses this reliable source to offer its customers high-quality market figures and analysis.

    Wine Value developments in comparison

    Index LX 1000

    In five years, the LX1000, an index of the 1.000 most traded wines on Liv Ex, is showing steady growth with a 48% increase. Since ist first recording in 2004, the LX1000 has grown by 257% to date.

    LX 1000 Rebased at 100 in comparison with Dax, Gold (US Dollar), Oil (Brent), Dow Jones. 31.03.2015 until 29.02.2020.

    Château Calon Segur 2012

    05/2013 until 12/2019

    Increase in value 92,75%

    Château Margaux 2015

    04/2016 until 12/2019

    Increase in value 133,70%

    Sassicaia 2015

    03/2018 until 12/2019

    Increase in value 89,40%



    ROGER AITKEN, 2018

    “Fine Wine Investing Counters Volatility Of ‘Stock-Denominated’ Portfolios.”


    The Economist


    “Investment in fine wine is becoming increasingly popular.”

    FAQ – Wine Investment

    High-quality wines are scarce and only offer a limited supply – with every bottle that is opened, the global stock of sought-after wines from special vintages is reduced. In addition, the demand for rare wines is increasing worldwide, especially in new wine-consuming nations such as China, Russia and India.

    Wine as a classic consumer good offers various attractive advantages as an investment compared to traditional assets: it offers various tax advantages as a consumer good.

    Wine values ​​develop independently of global economic developments and at the same time benefits of a very low volatility.

    Our network offers a market with international demand for more mature, high-quality wines, which enables resale after the desired holding period. Additionally, wine as a physical good always retains a material value.

    The best thing to do is to call us directly +49 (0) 40 – 22 85 83 890 and we will find the most suitable wine portfolio for you. Of course you could also send us an E-Mail to

    The holding period is very dependent on the individual wines. Some are suitable for short-term investments of 3 years. Most are ideal for 5 to 10 years, although this is also heavily dependent on events relating to the winery.

    The return on wine is very dependent on the individual wine and the investment period and cannot be specified for wine in general. The LX 1000, one of the most diversified indices of the Liv-Ex wine exchange, has increased by 48% in the past five years and some wine asset provider even speak of double-digit returns annually.

    The wines are stored in a European bonded warehouse under ideal climatic conditions for the long-term storage of wine. The warehouse is checked by customs, all wines must be assigned directly to individual clients. This makes tax-neutral storage possible. If you wish the wines to be outsourced for private purposes, the sales tax of the destination country will apply to the original purchase price.

    The cost of the first two years of storage from the physical availability of the wines is included in the price. From the third year, the storage costs are € 2.00 per 0.75l bottle per year including VAT and insurance. VAT and insurance.

    Various insurance policies exist to secure your wines and your associated financial interests. LIQUID GRAPE is insured for legal liability under private law. There is also insurance for the wine bottles and their contents. This covers the market value plus taxes and duties based on all-risk insurance.

    For possible claims processing with the respective insurance companies, we are looked after by an independent insurance broker who supports us in all questions.

    By purchasing the wines from reputable sources and long-term storage under ideal conditions, Liquid Grape can assist you in arranging for an auction or handle the sale to an international partner and guarantee the provenance. The rare wines of mature vintages are increasingly in demand, especially in high-quality gastronomy.

    LIQUID GRAPE customers can log in to their personal account and independently check their wine collection and performance. Of course, LIQUID GRAPE keeps customers constantly informed about exciting developments.


    Liquid Grape GmbH is a wine trading company that sells wines to customers and provides them with benchmark industry prices as comparison Liquid Grape GmbH is not a financial service provider or consultant. Liquid Grape only sells wines in quantities that are acceptable to private individuals. For individual tax questions, please contact a tax adviser. The General Terms and Conditions of Liquid Grape GmbH apply. A current version can be found at:

    Benefit from our know-how and the development of the wine market