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Liquid Grape offers the modern solution for wine collectors and connoisseurs who are looking for a sophisticated service to develop and monitor their wine collection carefree.

Expertise for the highest quality wines in the world is combined with individual advice, tailor-made offers as well as a digital platform and the right storage facility for different requirements.

Customers have the opportunity to observe the values of their wine collections online on a daily basis, wines can be easily sold to other private collectors through the marketplace, our “Exchange”, and you can discover rare wines from all over the world in the wine list.

The founding partners, with many years of sales and gastronomic experience as well as international academic degrees in the wine sector, will offer you a personalised service and will assemble a wine collection according to your wishes and needs.

The purpose, the total value, desired storage period, preferred wine regions and producers are evaluated for you and considered in the composition of a wine portfolio.

Wine collectors have the opportunity to store their wines in ideally air-conditioned and secure warehouses at various European locations and thus have the best conditions for a resale or drinking pleasure after the appropriate storage period.

Wine Investment

Fine wines as a stable investment.

Wine as Passion Investment . The diversification that completes your investment portfolio

The investment in wine offers various advantages over other tangible assets:

  • low volatility
  • tax benefits
  • finite offer
  • transparent asset
  • internationally tradable



In our intro “Fine wines as a stable investment” you will get an overview of the advantages of wine as an investment and we will answer the most important questions. You are welcome to contact us directly if you have any further questions.

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    Wine List

    Sought after wines, rare vintages from the most renowned producers from all over the world in one list summarised for you.

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    • Wines from the Wine List are only available in their original cases
    • The delivery time for wines from the Wine List is 4 - 8 weeks
    • For deliveries outside of Germany please contact us: or +49 40 22 85 83 890

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    Fine Wines and Champagnes in stock

    Our selection offers our permanently favoured wines as well as limited exciting new discoveries which are delivered at short notice from our warehouse to your home.

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    Recently added winesAll wines

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    “Investing in Fine Wine Is More Lucrative Than Ever – Once an exotic market, parking your assets inside expensive bottles can yield tremendous profits.”


    The Economist

    LEANNE DAVIS, 2006

    “Of all lucrative investment opportunities, wine is one of the most enjoyable, as these wine quotes from historic connoisseurs go to show.”


    News from the wine industry, information about our wines and facts worth knowing.

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